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nekosuko 1.0.9 14/01/2022

It's a simple hack and slash RPG where you choose the field you want to explore and go crunchy. Encounter monsters, discover treasure chests, and generate events in fields and dungeons. Acquire and combine new skills, increase your stats, and adventure until you run out of food.
It's easy to operate, so it's recommended for people who want to enjoy role-playing games easily!

◆ Turn-based battle that you can enjoy with easy operation!
The action of the hero is just to touch the displayed possession skill.
You can fight strategically while considering the cool time of the skill and whether or not the turn is consumed.
Let's repel the enemy while checking the next action and trying not to consume food as much as possible.

◆ Adventure for as long as possible with limited food!
It consumes food both for adventuring and for turning in battle.
Resting consumes food but can restore HP.
Let's continue the adventure for as long as possible while considering the balance between food and behavior.

◆ Repel enemies by exploring and complete quests to grow the hero!
You can get skills and gold by exploring each area, repelling enemies and completing quests.
Skills can be swapped or enhanced when they are acquired.
The strategy will change depending on which of the 6 stats you raise.

◆ The end of the adventure is not the real end!
The adventure ends when HP reaches zero or food runs out.
You can earn experience points when the adventure is over.
Use your experience points to increase your initial stats, make it a strong new game and accelerate your adventure!

-Material used-
JUNKIE Junk Shop
Pipoya Warehouse
Music egg
Sound effect lab o/



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This game is hack and slash RPG of roguelike that progresses in non-dungeon. , Download ZakuzakuAdventure free on APKDownMod

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