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Chen Eliezer 7.2 06/01/2022

Drinking Wheel is an amazing drinking game for groups of friends, You spin the drinking wheel and get a cool drinking challenge! It is a social game that involves alcohol. Drinking wheel is a drinking game that will guarantee a great night with the friends. Spin the Drinking Wheel in ur turn to get a drinking challenge. Very simple drinking game, You don't even need to read the instructions! Just spin the drinking wheel and let the evening begin.
New features - The drinking wheel has few cool new features :
* New mini drinking wheel that you spin for a game challenge
* A meter which tells you for every drinking wheel spin how much did you drink and give you drinking challenges accordingly.
* You spin the drinking wheel with swipe gestures
Drinking wheel is a game that can improve your group dynamics, Build social bonds, As the drinking wheel challenges bring people to get to know each other better, Its a perfect drinking game for groups. Drinking Wheel is also a social game and fits for grown up too. Please don't drink alcohol if you are under the appropriate age. Spin the drinking wheel and let the drinking game begin with this drinking wheel!




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