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Dinosaur Firetruck is a fun and educational fire truck simulator game suitable for preschoolers, kindergarteners, toddlers, and especially kids aged 2-5. With fun puzzles and water physics, kids will become real firefighting heroes and learn entertainingly in this game! Wise parents, download it for your children and start a free experience!

Kids, the dinosaurs need your help! Control the fire hose, and hurry up to rescue dinosaur villagers in danger! 🔥

Steer the firetruck to 6 different islands, earn twinkle stars 🌟 and experience the fun of Flow Physics during the exciting explorations!

There are tons of highlights for kids to figure out in this firetruck game.

★ Use the power of water to do more than just put out fires ❓
Control the sprinkler to push wooden boxes and clear obstacles from your path. Spray enough water, and the total weight will operate the machinery. Is that gravity in action? Or blast chemicals to destroy the planks that are about to fall in and help the dinosaurs out!

★ Use your thinking caps to solve puzzles 💡
Some of the fires are hard to reach, so the angle of your fire hose is critical. Kids might even have to shoot the water upwards and let the water flow down to put out the flame. Sometimes, kids need to use the collision between the water and other obstacles to change the direction of the water flow to save the dinosaurs.

It's never too early to acquaint your children with games. No matter your kids are preschoolers, kindergarteners, toddlers, or older kids, they deserve to share this fun, colorful, simple, and educative kids game! Explore the world with curiosity freely, and complete rescue missions with glory! Kids will then naturally cultivate their hand-eye coordination, logical thinking, visual perception, creativity, and imagination while playing this firetruck game!

The fire truck siren is ringing! Kids, it's time for you to jump into your cool firetruck and race to the emergency rescue!

• 30 unique game levels that bring enjoyable challenges
• 6 islands with rich game scenes: mines, old forests, pastoral windmill, sunshine islands, machine factory, and chemical factory
• 6 superb villain dinosaurs' vehicles: Drilling truck, long-legged octopus truck, fiery dragon truck, flame airship, clockwork machine, spider-shaped truck
• 5 dinosaurs to meet with: Stegosaur, Triceratops, Velociraptor, Parasaurolophus, Pachycephalosaurus
• Presents the real physics world through engaging mini-games
• Recommended for kids aged 2-5
• Play without the Internet
• No third-party advertising

Parents, this game will bring smiles of joy as your child solves the challenges. And you’ll smile too, knowing that they are learning about the world of physics.

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Become the brave fire-fighting dinosaur and rescue the villagers in danger! Use your skills to solve physical puzzles!



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