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Drawing is a very pleasant art. By drawing we can release our ability to practice creativity. Since childhood, we also often draw with various colored pencils. Even though the results are messy, we all draw at home and at school.

For those of you who have the task of drawing human faces, you might be looking for a way to draw people's faces easily. Because the name of the face is very complex. Many parts of the face that you have to paint perfectly. For example, just drawing eyes, drawing hair, drawing a nose, drawing lips. You can't miss the part, because it is a part that can determine the facial expressions you want to draw
To draw faces of women and men, of course, is a little different, you must understand the shape of the face before drawing a human face. Basically, the human face is not round but oval. The hair you draw must also adjust the shape of your face so that your painting is more perfect
Step by step to draw a human face you really need to use when you want to draw. By looking at the tutorial on drawing people's faces, you can get ease in drawing.

For those of you who like anime, you can draw an anime face. Basically the concept of drawing faces is the same. The only thing you need is to sketch the face with a pencil. After you have created the sketch, you can draw the face slowly
To draw the face of a small child you can also get the way in the step-by-step application to draw this face. With the help of sketches and tutorials, you can easily draw small children
For those of you who want to draw realistic faces, special precision is needed. Realistic drawing is not easy, you must understand the shape of the face you want to draw. So that the face image looks realistic you have to make a shadow to highlight certain parts of the face.

In this application, how to draw realistic faces, there are so many categories that you can try:

How to draw realistic eyes How to draw a realistic nose How to draw realistic ears How to draw realistic lips How to draw realistic hair
Of the many categories that will make it easier for you to draw a human face so that it looks beautiful. Hopefully this application how to draw a realistic human face can be useful and an inspiration for everything



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