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Free and All in one percentage calculator app - with 11 percentage calculators Download Quick Percentage Calculator Pro in تطبيقات Finance

Quick Percentage Calculator

Free and All in one percentage calculator app with 11 handy percentage calculators with convenient features like easy copy-paste, memory keys, dark mode, support for shortcut widgets and direct result sharing.

Quick Percentage Calculator offers

1. Compound Interest Calculator

A dedicated compound interest calculator where you can set the duration / period of interest precisely in years, months or even days.

2. Margin Calculator

Find Selling price and profit using Margin calculator.

3. GST Calculator - Calculate, Add or Remove GST amount from a product price

Calculate Goods and Service Tax of a product. Also you can add GST amount to a product price or remove GST amount from the product price.

4. Basic Calculator with History and Memory

You can directly input calculations like 23+23 , 15*30 , 40-20 , 10/5 and find results.

5. Find Percentage ( % )

You can calculate simple percentage.
For example, you can calculate what is the percentage of 545 out of 625.

6. Find Percentage Value

You can simply find percentage value of a number.
For example, you can find what is 25% of 18999.

7. Increase or decrease a value by percentage

Increase a number by a percentage. Ex. Increase 5400 by 25%. This function can be used to calculate taxes like GST, VAT, Excise duty, etc.

Decrease a number by a percentage. Calculate discounted price by entering original product price and dicount percentage. Ex. Decrease 25% from 1200.

8. Fraction to Percentage Converter

Convert any fraction like 3/2 to percentage like 150%.

9. Tip and Split Calculator

You can calculate tip and per head contribution.
For example, You can divide the bill of 1000 in 8 people.

10. Price Comparison

You can compare prices of a smaller quantity product and a bigger quantity product.

11. BMI (Body Mass Index) Calculator

Calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) using BMI Counter.

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