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Increase mindfulness, improve health, fight stress with breathing & meditation Download Prana Breath: Calm Meditate Pro in تطبيقات Health & Fitness

Dive into breathing techniques that are approved by ancient traditions, by modern science and by million+ of our users! Use the power of breathing and meditation to increase your mindfulness and live a better life. It doesn't matter whether you do Yoga, dieting, diving, or not, - you will see the positive impact anyway, for only 7-15 minutes a day!

What does it do?
* Improves brain activity: memory, attention, concentration
* Relieves anxiety
* Develops resistance to stress, develops physical endurance
* Eliminates evening appetite attacks, thus helps to have a healthy weight
* Decreases the frequency of cold, migraine and asthma attacks
* Boosts immunity of respiratory system
* Promotes healthy sleep
* Improves vocal and breath hold time, thus is good for singer and diver
* Trains the diaphragm thus fights acid reflux (GERD) symptoms

Why Prana Breath?
* Absolutely no advertisement
* Fast, optimized, battery saving
* Easy - just tap on "play", close your eyes and let the sound guide you
* Option to turn the screen off during the training
* 8 breathing patterns for different purposes
* Possibility to create your own patterns
* Rich statistics
* Reminders for creating a convenient training schedule
* Most patterns are derived from Pranayama, Sufi and Tibetan breathing practices
* Unique to Google Play "Anti-Appetite" training, for fighting emotional over-eating
* Exclusive "Cigarette replace", designed by Simone Righini, to help you quit smoking

Additionally for Guru version:
* Dynamic trainings for smooth improvement & for sophisticated patterns
* Diverse breath methods and chants
* Detailed progress chart and training log
* Health tests
* Enriched settings and more sounds
* Regularly updated database of more than 50 training patterns, such as: 4-7-8 breathing, Kapalbhati, Anulom Vilom, Nadi Shodhana, Tummo / Inner fire, Udgeeth, etc.

Scientific proofs: link Link is Here
Facebook: link Link is Here

How can download Prana Breath: Calm Meditate Pro

Prana Breath: Calm Meditate Pro from this links :
Download Prana Breath: Calm Meditate Pro v9.5.0_5 APK for android :

What is new in version 9.5.0_5

* Google Play Pass integration
* Now the app is translated to Croatian and Burmese
* Cleaner UI of Control tab
* All parameters of breathing cycle are in one drawer in Control tab
* Training charts redesigned
* Color palette for charts updated
* Fixed bugs