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You can transmit the temperature through your voice, and you can also meet your friends through your link Link is Here you are a voice-activated person, you can meet seiyuu masters and talents with various good voices here. You can communicate with everyone in the room at close range. We support voice interaction such as KTV, radio and dubbing. If you are a face value control, you can meet all kinds of handsome guys and beauties here, follow and learn about people you are interested in through dynamic text or link Link is Here can you do on PikaStar?[Post personal social news] Share the most real mood at the moment, show the most attractive photos of yourself, gain like-minded friends, and make yourself a link Link is Here a multi-person chat room] Multi-person on-site real voice communication, learning languages, KTV songs, communication culture, etc., you can join topics and gain more link Link is Here a personal chat room] You are the host yourself! Share your talents or ideas with everyone, gain resonance and gain link Link is Here hacking] Find the right half of you through the chat room, accompany you to play hacking and voice interaction, the top score is easier, and the company is more link Link is Here Achievements] If you are a collector, every experience here will get your own commemoration. Various medals including limited achievements are waiting for you to explore!

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1. You can leave us valuable suggestions or comments through the My-More-Feedback page in the App;

2. Website: link Link is Here
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