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Enjoy a sweet romance with three cute, but mysterious animal girls! Download My Animal Girlfriend Mod in ألعاب Simulation


Your first job out of college is going well, but you just don't seem to be having much luck finding love in your life. But one day, you save a mysterious fortune teller from a group of delinquents. He tells your fortune to show his gratitude and he says that you'll soon meet three mysterious and beautiful girls...

Soon after, you actually do meet these girls and hit it off well immediately! They invite you over to their house, but there you discover the "mysterious" part that the fortune teller was talking about. They're secretly part animal!

Your love life just took a stranger, but exciting new turn!


Kat - The Courteous Cat
Kind-hearted and also an excellent cook, this cat acts as the leader of the three animal girls. She's always looking out for the others, but being a cat, sometimes she just wants to snuggle with you in bed. When it comes to love though, she can be a bit of a tease...

Sabrina - The Wild Wolf
Sabrina's always full of energy and wants to be part of the action. She's quite a fighter as well and immediately takes interest in you. But being a wolf, she can be quite territorial and you'll definitely want to watch out to not steal her food!

Rika - The Beautiful Bird
Rika can be a little timid, but she is very polite and innocent. She loves nature and enjoys gardening as well as talking with birds using her powers. Will you be able to look out for this shy girl?

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