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It contains holy quran,azan from mecca and other countries,pillars of islam... Download Muslim Life and Quran Pro in تطبيقات Lifestyle

This islamic app is very interesting for any muslim.
Whit this islamic app you will learn :
- The Five Pillars of Islam (arkan al-Islam) who is the basic acts in Islam, considered mandatory by believers and are the foundation of Muslim life.
- How to pray(salat) exactly - Face the Qibla, Make your intention known in your heart, you can also listen to shirt recitations to remeber it, number of rakats(Fard) in each prayer...
- how to make ablution for prayer, type of ablution..
- Definition of the prophet Muhammad who is the last messanger of Allah.
- 99 Names of Allah.
- Listen and download audio Adhan from mecca, madina and other countries(Lot of Muezzin).
- Listen to audio prayers and supplications, citations from morning and evening and others(Hisn Al muslim and azkar and duas)..
-Also you can listen and download as mp3 audio the holy quran of the famous reciters like :
Maher Muaiqly, Ahmad Alajmi, Abdurahman Sudais, Saud Alshuraim, Yasser Dossari, Mishari Al Afasy, Abdelbaset Abdessamad, Nasser Al Qatami, Mohamad Manchawi, Saad Alghamdy, Fares Abad, Idrees Abkar, Abu Bakr Chatiri, Muhamad Jibreel, Mahmoud Hosary, Abdellah Juhani.

The Audio part of this application has the following features:
Repeat audio multiple time.
auto advance to the next recitation.
Stop playing when somebody call you.
Listen to the quran in background.
auto shuffle between tracks
Download surah and playing it without internet
Pausing for Incoming Phone Call
Sharing application with your friends.

I will add the content for Ramadan in sha allah.

Thank you for download and enjoy !

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