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The application offers words in love, a set of romantic images that tell us through seeing and reading its words love stories to draw us in our minds the love of years and years.
Beautiful words of love for the lover, feelings are the only thing that no one can control, and when feelings of love attack you, you cannot deter or control them, and then you do all the things that make you happy, and make your partner happy, to be at the top of happiness, and this is of course When the feelings are real and sincere, and one of the ways to declare love, and begin to reveal it, is the distinctive words and phrases that we will mention some of them together. Words of Love and Tenderness 2021 Love and tenderness are inseparable, for the basis of love is tenderness and attention. It never continues because it is like a cold response that gets tired and sick, and here in this application you will find words of love and tenderness. Beautiful and expressive words about life. Life is a long road full of barriers and in it we learn lessons and beautiful lessons, and in our application this I have collected for you beautiful and expressive words about life. Phrases Love and longing for the beloved Missing for the beloved is one of the difficult things for people and what a beautiful life when they meet, and here are phrases of love and longing for the beloved 2021.
With love, let my night with tenderness be long, and keep my self in the air busy, write me a word for time, saying to love with love, it will begin, and oh peace, there is no one left, and my heart is guided by love, there are no stars that do not seem like moon and there is no night that I do not want to stay up, and there are no eyes that have no consideration of love .
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The most beautiful sad phrases Sadness is one of the strong feelings that dominates a person, and he needs to reveal it when you control him, and he may sometimes be unable to express the sadness, pain or wounds inside him, but sometimes it may make his owner creative in describing What trembles in his chest, trying to get rid of his pain. Sad love words We remind you of some simple words and thoughts printed in the nature of sadness and pain in the hearts of lovers.
Pictures and through carrying a lot of things that can deliver messages to your lover that you are unable to deliver, in pictures is the easiest way to express and communicate with others. It has the lover, and it is the highest degree of love, affection, and passion. That is why we wanted here to provide you with words that describe love and love: short romantic words, nice and beautiful words when they come from a person who is dear to us and close to us as much as a lover, it has another taste and color, and here you will find short romantic words. Thoughts of admonishing the beloved, admonition is not considered a characteristic of hate, but rather of love. The person who loves you reprimands you from the intensity of his love, and his fear of losing you. Many loved ones admonish each other for various reasons, such as abandoning him, or not asking about him. We present to you the most beautiful thoughts for the reproach of the beloved.
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