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Yazeed Sabil 5.1 06/01/2022

Hareeg 14 is a card game in which four (or more) players are pit against each other, the winner is the one who can get all the others eliminated. In each round of Hareeg you need to reduce the number of cards in your hand by trying to put them down on the table according to specific rules.

Hareeg 14 cards game offers the following merits:
♣ ONLINE Multiplayer
♥ Voice chat inside Hareeg 14 matches
♠ Connection to Facebook
♦ Hareeg 14 Leaderboards
♣ A variety of computer difficulty levels to select from.
♥ The ability to select the amount of points each player has at the start of the game, when such points reach zero the player is eliminated from Hareeg 14 turn.
♠ Two game modes: Hareeg (the minimum total for cards considered for a down-put is increased after the first down-put), and Fourteen 14 (the minimum stays fixed).
♦ In-game visual / sound effects which helps keeping Hareeg 14players hyped.
♣ An amazing GUI design which comes hand in hand with the mood and aesthetic of the actual card game of Hareeg 14.
♥ Much more will be added in the future (online multiplayer and tournaments for instance!).


What's new

♦ Added in-game market.
♥ Added avatars.
♣ Added new music tracks.
♥ Added new card sets.
♠ Added new themes.
♦ Added new tables.
♣ Added new emoji.
♥ Added daily reward.
♣ Added in-room text chat.
♥ Added lobby chat.
♣ Added "Drawing Fifties".
♠ Added the ability to select the position of the joker in the melded set.
♥ Fixed some issues related to game rules.
♠ Improved multiplayer performance.
♦ Improved the game layout.



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