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Broadcast heart rate and power to Zwift or to cycling computers over Bluetooth Download HR2VP Watch Bike Computer Pro in تطبيقات Health & Fitness

Use your watch under Wear OS as a heart rate monitor and cycling tracker while riding on the bike
Connect your watch to indoor training apps or to cycling computers. Display and broadcast heart rate and power based on HR over Bluetooth Low Energy from your Wear OS watch to indoor cycling apps such as Zwift, Rouvy, Road Grand Tour (RGT), Trainerroad, Kinomap, or to GPS head units.

Important note : on Samsung watches, please enable background execution in Samsung Wearable on your phone.

1/ Use your Wear OS watch as any BLE heart rate monitor

• HR2VP will measure your heart rate with the optical built-in sensor of the watch and broadcast HR over Bluetooth Low Energy as a regular heart rate monitor during your workouts.

2/ Add power to your rides & connect to cycling apps or bike computers

• Our advanced matching algorithm computes power based on heart rate, which is measured by the optical built-in watch sensor or by your own chest strap.
• Your individual parameters such as FTP, resting heart rate and max heart rate are taken into account for improved accuracy.
• See how many calories you have spent during your workouts and monitor your fitness.

3/ Connect your own heart rate monitor, power meter or cadence sensor to your watch

• Connect your own sensors and get more training metrics while riding indoor or outdoor
• Compatible with Bluetooth Smart power meters
• Cadence sensors
• Heart rate monitors

4/ Control your smart trainer

• HR2VP is the only watch app that allows you to control your FTMS bike trainer (with rotating bezel) during your workout. Compatible models are Elite Direto, Suito, Wahoo KickR Core, Tacx Flux S or Flux 2...

5/ Upload to Strava

• Pair your watch with Strava and automatically upload your rides (with power) in order to visualize them on a map.

6/ Frequently Asked Questions:

Is a phone app required?
=> No, HR2VP for watch can be used as a standalone app during your ride.

What is the FTP?
=> The FTP or Functional Threshold Power is the maximum average power that you can hold for an hour.

How to know my FTP?
=> If you want to fine tune this parameter, we have an online optimizer where you can use a .gpx file exported from Strava to get the best value that suits you...
=> If you have absolute no idea, you can estimate it based on your best 1 hour running speed : link Link is Here

How to connect to Zwift?
=>Try the connection through the Companion app on Windows if you have trouble with the direct connection (use the top right corner settings icon in the pairing screen). Select the last device if you see 2 different devices. If it doesn't work, reboot the watch and try again.

I get disconnections, what can I do?
=>If you get disconnected during your ride, be sure to disable battery optimization. Check that location permissions is granted on your remote device.

How accurate is power based on heart rate?
=>Our advanced matching algorithm gives a good estimation of power but there are still a few biological limitations. First there is a 10 seconds lag before your heart rate goes up when pushing harder on the pedals. High intensity short intervals (<30 seconds) use energy without oxygen, with no impact on heart rate. This is why power will be underestimated on short intervals.

Is my cycling head unit compatible?
Non exhaustive list of compatible head units with Bluetooth Smart: Hammerhead Karoo 1 & 2, Giant Neos Track, Polar V650.
For other cycling computers such as XOSS G+, Garmin, all Lezyne GPS: an ANT+ stick (avoid no name sticks) will be required on your phone, which will broadcast HR and power over ANT+.

Can the app be refunded if it doesn't work?
=> The Playstore can refund your purchase within 24 hours.

If you need some help or have feedback, please contact us per mail: contact@ link Link is Here

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