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The design process can start with a scribble on a napkin, a sketch of your ideas, a photo of a memorable object or a virtual mockup that wouldn't work to finish a project. Inkscape helps you, from this phase, to achieve a professional quality design, ready to be published on the web or in a printed medium.

If you're new to the vector graphics creation process, you may feel strange, but you'll soon be surprised at the flexibility and power that Inkscape offers you. Vector design is usually preferred for creating logos, illustrations, and creations that require high scalability, i.e. can be expanded or reduced to any size. Inkscape is a program used both at a private level and by a wide variety of companies (marketing or corporate image, engineering /CAD, web graphics or comic book design).

There are many learning resources available, take advantage of them!

Professional publication

Any project can be exported to formats ideal for both web browsers and printers. It's cross-platform, meaning it's easy to run on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux distributions. Visit the download page to install or share the app.

What will you learn?
The purpose of the inkscape course is for the student to know, use and familiarize with the Inkscape program to carry out the editing of vector graphics, that is, to perform the creation and editing of different diagrams, lines, graphics, illustrations, logos and images in a very complex way.

At the end of this course the student will be able to:
• Know the different tools of the Inkscape.
• Apply fills and borders to designs.
• Vectorize bitmaps.
• Make logos.
• Assimilate the basic principles of union and journey.
• Apply the thumbnail in the designs.
• Understand the wallpaper.
• Convert from photography to drawing.
• Apply professional cutouts in designs.


To take this Inkscape course, it is advisable that you first meet these requirements:

• Basic knowledge of design.
• Have Inkscape installed.

! See You Inside!


What's new

New lessons in the course.
Improved user interface.



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