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We have accumulated many years of experience in the intelligent translation industry. By continuously optimizing the translation system for text, camera, voice, etc., the effect of translation has been greatly improved. At present, it supports dozens of popular languages ​​​​around the world, real-time camera translation, full document translation, etc. to meet the translation needs of users in all aspects.
[Multilingual text translation]
It supports translation between dozens of popular languages ​​​​such as Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Thai, German, Russian, French, Spanish, etc. The translation of papers, textbooks, and documents is the industry leader, and the translation effect is comparable to manual translation. English text translation, Japanese text translation, be your dictionary anytime, anywhere
[Authoritative dictionary, data support]
The database contains millions of words, a large number of example sentences, root affixes, synonym discrimination, phrase use cases and other rich resources
[Photo translation, easy and convenient]
Take a photo with one button, instantly display the translation, and the operation is simple and convenient. At present, it supports the recognition and mutual translation of dozens of popular languages ​​​​such as Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish , Russian, Portuguese, German, and Italian. When you travel abroad, you can easily order a meal and take a photo of the menu to see the translation result. Take photos to text, learn new tricks in the office.


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An easy-to-use translation tool that supports camera and voice , Download Candy Translator free on APKDownMod

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