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Lion Vs Tiger Wild Animal Simulator Game
This awesome lion vs tiger adventure 3D simulation game is the first and one of its kind animal simulator. You can be the Ultimate lion or the tiger and play to build reputation in the wild jungle. You can simply attack the smaller animals like horses, deer and zebras and feed on their flesh to gain health. You can have fights versus the aggressive animals like wolves and elephants in this latest Lion Vs Tiger Wild Animal Simulator Game.
Animal Vs Animal Challenge Simulator
The Lion Vs Furious Tiger animal simulation, Wild Adventure game is great for all simulation game lovers especially animal simulators. If you like the kings of the jungle to be in your control and reel havoc, you are going to love this animal vs animal challenge simulator.
Control the wild tiger or lion and fight for survival by chasing, attacking, fighting and eating other wild animals. Attack and defeat any animal that comes in your way. Pull off stealth attacks and play strategically to defeat animals with higher levels than yours to gain the dominance. Gain health and energy by feeding on prey.
Lion Vs Tiger 3D Simulation
This is a definite download for all simulation lovers. The first every Lion Versus Tiger game that you are sure to love. Take control of some of the most ferocious animals in the jungle. Lion vs Tiger 3D simulation game is one of the best animal simulator games in which you experience amazing adventure in the jungle full of wild animals.
Fighting Other Animals
Play either as an angry wild lion or a wild tiger in the jungle and go into a raging fury. Play a complete wild life simulator as you can hunt down weak and smaller animals such as horses, deer and zebras. Fight for survival in the dangers of the wilderness as you fight against aggressive animals such as wolves and elephants.




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