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The same Egyptian Basra game with better randomness and resolved issues.
Egyptian Basra is a very popular cards game in egypt, some times called "Al-Komi" or "Ash El Walad". The Game is very simple:
1- One of the two players will deal four cards for each, and in the beginning of the game they will include the ground.
2- Each player will throw one card to the ground until the player is out of cards, then the dealer will deal again four cards each but not for the ground.
3- Players' goal is to take from the ground as many cards as they can. After the dealing player is out of cards to deal and both have played all their cards. Each pile the players gathered through the game will be counted and the player with the most cards will get points. No one gets anything in case of a draw.
4- What the player can match on the floor depends on the cards. For numbers you can gather cards that have the same number or that sum up to the same number you will play (note that you can't use the same card twice in different sum groups). The king and queen only match with themselves. The Jack takes up all the cards on the ground. Or in a rare case can match with a single Jack on the ground to be a special jack basra.
5- A 7-diamond can be played as any card and is played to get a basra if it can, otherwise it will act as a plain old jack.
6- The 7-diamond can be matched with any card if it is on the ground, but it will most likely be matched as a basra since it will be the only card.
7- A basra is a card that will get you extra points at the end. To gain a basra you have to match all the cards on the ground with a single card (in a feasible way of course). The jack doesn't count unless it matches with a jack on the ground that is alone. Other than that it just gathers everything.
If the 7 diamond can match all the cards on the ground then it will be considered a basra. In case it was played as a jack, it will only be a basra if it matches an alone jack on the ground.
8- The one who reaches the total amount of points needed to win first wins. if both players pass it with a draw, they will keep playing full games until one is higher than the other.


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The same old Egyptian Basra with upgraded randomness and solved issues



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Egyptian Basra (Al-Komi or Ash Elwalad) is a very popular cards game in Egypt. , Download Egyptian Basra v2 free on APKDownMod

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